Hi there, 

My name is Miarra and I am the woman behind Glenbogie Creek Candle Co. 

I grew up and currently live in rural Saskatchewan where I work on my families Black Angus cattle ranch. Often in my spare time you'll find me out in the garden, making a mess in the kitchen, binging some TV series, or spending time with my kitties. I love to keep busy and always seem to be thinking of new projects for myself.

Candle making started as something I could channel my creativity and love of scents into. Whenever a scent order comes in I'm always thinking of what scents I can mix to make my own unique blend as I love providing one-of-a kind candles. Slowly I'm trying to add more visually creative aspects to my candles and wax melts, but its definitely a learning curve! Its hard to believe how far I've come and I can't wait for what comes next!